Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kings and Queens” Diamond Dior Skull Ring

Victor Castelain, was born in France of a noble family, was at a young age to discover collections of sparkling gemstones jewelry designer, if the effectiveness of Chanel 14 years, was in 1998 as a French brand Dior called the brand’s first leading jewelry designer.

Today Victoire epochal works of jewelry is unique in the industry, because as a child works, filled them with a playful element and imagination to break the kind of reach under the original jewelry, but popular, she said: “The Creation is of its own start their own desires. What I did not know what I want today? on my side, as she had appeared at the same time, I already look like a finished jewelry product. ”

Until now, a fantasy that he is of Princess Victoire wearing jewelry, but they worked a total magic of the fairy tale filled with strange colors, she said that there are many creative source of inspiration: “Of course, the children of the world, Hollywood song and dance drama films, the women in the street, or the myth, legend, etc., can be a source of inspiration for me. ”

Since the first high-level Dior jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane, Provence, France, Earl has a family of blood, his design style is a whimsical romantic taste full.

The wedding ring design line just came out, it was the West, the pursuit of fashion, is now baked in kind is more a feeling of shock.

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