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Maszzid e Nabvi and Kabah Pendant

22K gold Masszzid-e-Nabvi and holy Kabah pendant. Pendant has green,white and black meenakari on it.

Bismillah Diamond Pendant

Bismillah Diamond Pendant” is a well known numismatic product from “Mayer mint“.

As no one has the privilege to create this product again, the numismatic value will always increase.

The original certificate from “Mayer mint” is also included.

gold diamond pendant, jeweler's

yellow gold diamond pendant, jeweler's tweezer style w/chain

diamons pendan

Notegolddiamond - Ever since famous celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, until the former First Lady Hillary Clinton wearing diamond jewelry Yellow bertahtakan, the prestige of the more brilliant yellow diamonds among other colored diamonds. The uniqueness of diamond is beautifully situated than the light beam which is believed to increase the "aura" and the charm of those who wear it,

French micro mosaic pendant

French micro mosaic gold locket pendant. Circa 1870.

Demantoid garnet, diamond pendant

Demantoid garnet, diamond pendant/brooch set in silver topped gold. Circa 1890.

Silver and Malacolla Oval Pendant

Silver and Malacolla Oval Pendant

Silver and Black Lip Pearl Square Pendant

Silver and Black Lip Pearl Square Pendant

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14K Rose Gold Mens Blue Diamond Ring 1.57 Ctw

This mens diamond ring is crafted in highly polished 14K Rose Gold. The center piece consists of three rows of invisibly set white and blue diamonds. The center piece is completed with brilliant round blue round cut diamonds channel set on four corners. This is an ideal every day mens diamond ring which gleams with uniqueness and beauty.

Blue Diamond Jewelry

Women and diamonds have had a long-standing love affair. Though men do purchase diamonds, more often, the intent of these purchases end with women, whether proposing marriage or professing undying love. From the sacred halls of most jewelry shops, diamonds are indeed a girls – or women best friend.Are you looking for fancy loose blue diamond? Find a wide selection of fancy blue diamonds for sale. Search for loose blue diamonds, rare blue, pale, brilliant, intense blue diamonds. You can find in our huge variety Fancy Blue diamonds and natural blue in many shapes and clarity degrees, blue diamonds with GIA certification, and competitive price, luxury diamonds and unique diamonds.

Loose fancy blue diamonds are completely natural and are usually classified as either teal blue or ocean blue. The color in sea blue, teal blue diamond, turquoise blue, blackish blue or black blue colored diamonds is caused by the presence of minor amounts of boron in their structure. Green blue or greenish blue (teal) colored diamonds usually contain nitrogen impurities in aggregate form. Blue diamonds come in different intensity : Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Dark Blue, Fancy Deep Blue and Fancy vivid blue diamonds.

Carolina Blue Diamond

18K gold ring with Carolina blue
diamond center and 1.23 carats of round
and baguette white diamonds

The Blue Empress set in a platinum ring, surrounded by 25 white diamonds.

The Blue Heart diamond certainly did not belong to Empress Eugenie of France, but undoubtedly there is a French connection to this diamond, as the rough diamond was cut and polished, and transformed into it's modern heart-shaped form by the renowned French diamond cutting firm, Atanik Ekyanan of Neuilly, Paris between 1909 and 1910. Previously the origin of the diamond was uncertain, and thought to be either India or South Africa, even though by the beginning of the 20th century, most of the historical diamond mines of the Eastern Deccan Plateau in India were already abandoned.
The Blue Empress set in a platinum ring, surrounded by 25 white diamonds.

However, this mystery has been solved and more information about the diamond has been unearthed, thanks to the untiring efforts of the dedicated scientists of the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, the present owners of the diamond. The researches went into the archives of De Beers, and unearthed evidence to show that the diamond was discovered in the Premier diamond mines of South Africa, in November, 1908, and the rough stone weighed 102 carats. The rough stone was eventually cut and polished in Paris as stated earlier and sold to Cartier's, who set the diamond in a "Lily of the Valley" corsage and sold it to an Argentinean woman Mrs. Unzue. The diamond remained in the Unzue family until 1953, when it was purchased by the jewelry firm Van Cleef & Arpels, who dismantled the corsage setting, and re-set the diamond in a pendant, surrounded by 25 colorless or white diamonds. The pendant and the accompanying necklace was priced at $ 300,000, and was sold to an unnamed European titled family. In 1959, Harry Winston acquired the diamond, and re-set it again in a platinum ring and sold it to Marjorie Merriweather Post. The diamond remained with Mrs. Post until the 1960s, when she finally decided to donate the rare blue diamond to the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, at Washington DC, where it is on display in the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals, in the National Museum of Natural History.

Natural blue diamonds surpass all other gemstones for their sheer beauty, and it is this uniqueness in their beauty combined with their rarity, that make them the most sought after diamonds by collectors and connoisseurs, around the world. The sale of a rare fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 6.04 carats at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong, on October 8, 2007, for a record-breaking price of 7.98 million, therefore comes as little surprise to those in the trade and the well informed. The $ 1.32 million per carat price of this diamond has broken the 20-year old world record, set by the Hancock Red (Halphen Red) diamond in 1987, which sold at $ 926,000 per carat. The diamond is reported to have been purchased by Moussaieff Jewelers of London, who in 2001 purchased another extremely rare 5.11-carat red diamond known as the "Red Shield," for an undisclosed amount, from the William Goldberg Corporation of New York. The Red Shield was subsequently re-named the "Moussaieff Red," which is the largest red diamond in the world.

List of famous blue diamonds

The Blue heart diamond is a rare Type IIb diamond, and all naturally colored blue diamonds belong to this group. However, the occurrence of these diamonds is much less than 0.1 % of all natural diamonds. Type II diamonds are nitrogen-free or contain undetectable quantities of nitrogen.

If the diamonds are not only nitrogen-free but free of all other chemical impurities, they are known as Type IIa, which constitute about 1-2 % of all naturally occurring diamonds. However, instead of nitrogen, if they contain trace quantities of another impurity boron, the diamonds are known as Type IIb. Boron atoms incorporated in the crystal structure of the diamond, changes it's absorption spectrum imparting the blue color to the diamonds. The diamonds also become semi-conducting, unlike other diamonds which are non-conductors of electricity.

Characteristics of the diamond

The Blue Heart diamond is a 30.62-carat, heart-shaped, blue diamond. The color grade of the diamond is not known, but the color is variously referred to as dark blue, deep blue, steel blue etc. However, if one goes by the appearances of the diamond, it may qualify as a fancy intense blue or fancy vivid blue, according to the GIA color grading system.

The "Blue Heart" diamond is the 5th largest blue diamond in the world according to the list of known famous blue diamonds. See table below.

Red Diamond Ring (BGRN080708-22)

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Red Diamond Ring Fetched $2.6 mn

Whilst two-days back, I introduced you to the red diamond ring reaching the Christie’s auction and today the ring has set a new record by selling off this dazzling ring festooned with a unique red purple diamond for a shocking $2.6 million. The octagonal shape of the ring is equipped with 2.26 carats and stand with the honopur of being the largest red diamond, ever to be auctioned. The proud owner of the gem is the English jeweler, Laurence Graff.

the young red diamons

the young red diamons

Famous Diamonds

Koh-I-Noor Diamond picture

It has been said that whoever owned the Koh-I-Noor ruled the world, a suitable statement for this, the most famous of all diamonds and a veritable household name in many parts of the world. Legend has suggested that the stone may date from before the time of Christ; theory indicates the possibility of its appearance in the early years of the 1300s; history proves its existence for the past two and a half centuries.

The 45.52 carat steel blue Hope Diamond was found in India back in remote times as a rough crystal weighing 112 carats. It first came to light when Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the noted French traveler of the 17th century, was approached in India by a slave who had a very secretive manner about him. Hope Diamond

It turned out that he had in his possession an intriguing steel blue stone which at first look seemed to be a large sapphire, but the well-experienced Tavernier soon realized it was a diamond – the largest deep blue diamond in the world.

The Star of Africa, a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats, aka the Cullinan I. It measures 58.9 × 45.4 × 27.7 mm, and has 76 facets (counting the culet and the table). It is called the Cullinan I because it's the largest of the 9 large stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond, and the Cullinan II is the Star of Africamassive 317.40-carat cushion shaped diamond in the center-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. The Crown also features the Black Prince's Ruby, as well as St. Edward's Sapphire, and the Stuart Sapphire. All the stones in the crown seem to have a history. The Star of Africa holds the place of 2nd largest cut diamond in the world and is on display with the other Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, famous for outstanding stones like the Premier Rose and the Guinea Star, cut this gem from a 13.90-carat rough. They transformed the piece into a spectacular red diamond weighing 5.11 carats. The GIA states, "It is the largest Fancy Red, natural color diamond that we have graded as of the date the report was issued." The stone is a triangular brilliant, sometimes refered to as a trillion or a trilliant cut. It was cut sometime in the mid-1990s, so its history is still Moussaief Red Diamondrelatively uneventful. Sometime around 2001 or 2002 the stone was purchased by Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd. The firm, while it has no website as of yet, is renowned for multi-million dollar pieces of jewelry and has locations in the United States as well as abroad.

It was expected that some 12-million people would visit the De Beers Millennium Jewels Exhibition at the Millennium Dome in London. There they were on view in a specially designed exhibit for the entire year of 2000. It is worth it to pause a moment and reflect on the rarity of blue diamonds. Pre-20th century accounts of great blue diamondsHeart of Eternity reinforce the trade's historical links with India, the only known early source of diamonds. These accounts tell of diamonds such as Tavernier Blue (now known as the Hope Diamond; 45.52 carats) and the 30.82-carat Blue Heart, which today are valued for their history and mystique as much as for their rare color. These diamonds are famous because of their incredible rarity - only red diamonds are rarer - and the De Beers collection of blues is something that will never be seen again.

The Heart of Eternity paid a visit to the Smithsonian Museum in the summer of 2003, being part of an exhibit titled The Splendour of Diamonds. The exhibit Splendour of Diamondslasted from June 27th to September 15th and featured a number of other unusual colored diamonds, namely the Allnatt, the Millennium Star, the Pumpkin Diamond, the Moussaieff Red (formerly known as the Red Shield), the Ocean Dream, and the Steinmetz Pink.

ping diamons

Diamond Butterfly Pendant

This exquisite pendant displays in a 14k White or Yellow Gold. Its .015cttw enhances the natural beauty of the wearer. Its accent provides a luster of beauty and charm that captivates the observer with its brightness.

The 18" matching chain graces any neckline to provide the most pleasing blend of color and beauty

Kings and Queens” Diamond Dior Skull Ring

Victor Castelain, was born in France of a noble family, was at a young age to discover collections of sparkling gemstones jewelry designer, if the effectiveness of Chanel 14 years, was in 1998 as a French brand Dior called the brand’s first leading jewelry designer.

Today Victoire epochal works of jewelry is unique in the industry, because as a child works, filled them with a playful element and imagination to break the kind of reach under the original jewelry, but popular, she said: “The Creation is of its own start their own desires. What I did not know what I want today? on my side, as she had appeared at the same time, I already look like a finished jewelry product. ”

Until now, a fantasy that he is of Princess Victoire wearing jewelry, but they worked a total magic of the fairy tale filled with strange colors, she said that there are many creative source of inspiration: “Of course, the children of the world, Hollywood song and dance drama films, the women in the street, or the myth, legend, etc., can be a source of inspiration for me. ”

Since the first high-level Dior jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane, Provence, France, Earl has a family of blood, his design style is a whimsical romantic taste full.

The wedding ring design line just came out, it was the West, the pursuit of fashion, is now baked in kind is more a feeling of shock.

Engagement Rings

When you invest in diamond jewelry that is so aesthetically impeccable and styled with eternal classic fashion, you know that you have found an heirloom that you can enjoy for decades to come. This 18k yellow gold ring makes a great addition to any jewelry collection and can be worn on many occasions. This ring is prong set with 41 round shape diamonds. The diamonds have a total carat weight of 1.08 carats. The diamonds are G-H color and SI clarity. The center diamond has a total carat weight of 0.65 carats. Remember, Diamond is the birthstone for April. This item usually ships within 2-3 business days.

Blue Diamond

The tasteful and exquisite glamour of this sparkling blue diamond pendant makes it the perfect accessory for your business wardrobe or your most fashionable evening gown. This 14k gold blue diamond pendant makes a great addition to any jewelry collection and can be worn on many occasions. The pendant is prong set with 1 round shape irradiated blue diamond. The diamond has a total carat weight of 1 carat. The diamonds are blue color and SI-I1 clarity. This pendant is part of our blue diamond collection of jewelry. This hand crafted sparkling diamond pendant will light up her face with a brilliance she's never seen before. Remember, Diamond is the birthstone for April. This item usually ships within 2-3 business days.

loose diamonds wholesale

Mens engagement rings commencing a chap together with expensive stones is at a standstill exceedingly manly. Although the broad diamond solitaire is a the minority exaggerated, mens engagement bands are repeatedly put a small diamond or cubic zirconium. Another probability, the confession is an Irish Claddagh ring, which is not a time-honored wedding or engagement ring comparable, save for they give the corresponding message. Vintage rings, signet rings, and tungsten or titanium rings as well as a single trader - as well as or devoid of gemstones - are also remarkable options.

At what time she offers

, Suggesting no longer the exclusive domain of men. In fact, women come into sight increasingly the question in the modern world. If a woman has an engagement ring plus a male, whatever he does? Very well, it depends on how advanced it is. Manifold men do not taste hesitated to buy the tender and ring. Others are greater than cautious. Women regularly need to want their engagement rings; May, he wants to do together.

Blue diamonds

Blue diamond The phosphorescence comes from boron in the gem, the same element that makes it appear blue in normal light, explained Jeffrey Port, curator of the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Colored gemstone engagement rings are one of the coolest ways to personalize an engagement ring. Though all types of gemstones are being used, colored diamonds are the most popular option for those en vogue. Walk the fine line between tradition and originality by rocking a sparkling blue diamond engagement ring. Something blue, anyone

Woman's engagement rings

In the U.S, the current trend of the bride-to-be buying a promise ring or an engagement ring for the prospective groom during the engagement is becoming common. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Brazil, men and women sport their engagement rings. As the tastes of the people has evolved down the ages, the designs, patterns and metals used in the engagement rings have changed according to the popular tastes through the ages.

Woman’s Engagement Rings – Changing Tastes

Engagement rings are worn on the left hand ring finger of a woman, according to the western tradition. In the modern era, the prospective groom gifts the engagement ring to hi bride-to-be while proposing to her or after she accepts his marriage proposal. It stands for the formal bond of marriage that could happen in the future.

Fleur de Lis Diamond necklace

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Gregg Ruth Earrings

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Earrings TASTES

Diamond Earrings

Gold Bracelet

6.88 Carat Diamond Ring

Diamond Earrings